If you have been thinking about a property investment here is why you should buy in New Deshon at  South City Square right NOW:

1. New Metro planned

 “The projected Brisbane jobs growth will see demand on bus trips to the CBD double over the next 15 years and the new planned Metro will provide a transport solution to keep our city heading in the right direction'" said Brisbane city Lord Mayor Graham Quirk on 28 September 2016.

We all know how important transport is for property values. This new Metro will only service Woolloongabba to the city!

2. Just 10 handpicked exclusive apartments. Once gone, they are gone forever

Apartments are from an award winning developers private stock in Woolloongabba, rated one of Australia’s best investment areas, IN ONE OF Australia’s most visionary new communities.

3. No progressive payments needed

Just 10% is all that is needed to secure. No progressive payments will be required.

4. Fixed prices

Apartments are offered at fixed prices, with no building escalation clauses or prices rise clauses. from an award winning developers private stock, in Woolloongabba, rated one of Australia’s best investment locations.

5. Below future stage prices

These stunning apartments are being offered at around 5% less than the next stage. A potentially $20,000 - $35,000 saving!

6. Low rental vacancy, high rental returns, AND 5 years no vacancy policy  available

Woolloongabba offers investors low rental vacancy, higher than average rental returns. We are so confident in the rental potential of these apartments, we are offering a5 year NO VACANCY rental policy.

7. Cash flow positive investment

Assuming an eventual 70% loan at 4% interest, apartments should be cash flow positive from day one!

PLUS…. Exclusive Guarantees*

Award Winning Estate Agents and Award Winning Developers and Award Winning builders bring you exclusive and Ground Breaking Guarantees:

GUARANTEE:  Rental assurance

Our investors will be paid rent during any vacancy from the date of completion until a tenant is found, or for 6 months whichever comes first, at genuine market rental rates, PLUS can extend cover for just $22 a week for up to 5 years!

GUARANTEE:  Rental top up

Our investors will be paid any deficiency between the represented market rental and the actual rent received (if any) for a set period after completion.

GUARANTEE: Property Value at purchase date

Citylife guarantees that the purchase price you pay is the current market price with no overseas mark up.

GUARANTEE: Property Value after purchase 

We guarantee that if the property market drops within the first 12 months of your purchase Citylife will reimburse you the difference.

GUARANTEE: Internal defects protection.

All internal items are protected by a Defects Liability warranty after completion.

GUARANTEE: Building defects

We ensure structural defects will be repaired or replaced for a period of 6 years after completion. Nonstructural items will be repaired or replaced for a period of 6 months after completion.


In addition to the high-level base specification on offer in New Deshon, the package we have negotiated exclusively for these apartments will include:

1.       Window Coverings

2.       Fridge

3.       Inbuilt Microwave

4.       100% interest on deposit payable to purchaser

5.       Car park to every apartment

6.       Air conditioning included

Views are free!


Resort style roof top amenities, pool, and BBQ!

Rental management service provided.

One, two, and three bedroom available

AUD$439,500 to $712,500


*Contact us for details of each guarantee.