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   Dear Investor,

I am writing personally to alert you to something that I think you will find useful, and to what I think could be the “next big thing” in Australian property.

Firstly though, some background as to what my research has shown me over the past years.

On September 24, 2003 there was an article in the South China Morning Post in which I was quoted as saying "Perth was the place to buy." I also said this repeatedly in my newsletters that year.

What was interesting was many of my old clients rang or emailed me to say they thought this time I was on the wrong track, that Perth was too “sleepy” and would never go up in value.

At that time I was not actually selling anything in Perth, but my research told me this was where people should buy.

There had been a long period of steady growth, but nothing indicated the exceptionally strong upward movements coming. However, all my research told me that all classic indicators of a forthcoming upturn were in place: there was low vacancy rates, a rising population, and a shortage of supply, increasing rents, pent up demand, and a strong economy. All classic indicators.

So what happened? 

In the 4 years from September 2004 to 2008, there was a 78% increase in average house prices. Simply put, if you had put a 20% down payment, you could have made around a 385% return on your capital.

In 4 years.

Also, if you have been following my newsletters for a while, you will also be aware that I was a strong bull for Sydney when most others didn’t think any growth was coming. In fact, one of my newsletters (15 June 2012 ) said this:

In real terms (i.e. after accounting for inflation), Sydney house prices have fallen over the past six years. This could be a very good time to enter the Sydney market.”

I then said in a newsletter the following year:

“Sydney is the sleeping giant of Australian property. When it awakens, which I believe will be shortly, it will roar.”

Well certainly, if you have been following the Sydney market you will know it is now well and truly awake and into a strong upturn indeed! 

My TOP pick for 2018

I am pointing out the information above to try to impress upon you how important research is when looking into property markets. My research showed me clearly that Perth and then Sydney were both primed for excellent gains.

So where do I strongly feel is NOW the current best opportunity anywhere in Australia? MORE

(*Michael Bentley is the Managing Director of the Citylife Group)