We have been researching this area  and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it: 

The area is Woolloongabba, located just outside the CBD.

Where a new MRT (MTR) will be developed. There is more information on this website for you to make your own decision.

But just some of the key features include:

-Where a new MRT (MTR) will be developed

-The ONLY PDA (Priority Development Area) declared by the Government since 2008

-Reasonable Body Corporate fees - this means you're holding costs will be less, meaning more money in your pocket.

-Prime location - a prime location means more chance of strong capital gain, being close to the city, transport, restaurants and the central business district.

-Walk to everything - the fact that you can walk to everything from the project is very attractive to tenants, meaning they can leave their car at home saving money, 

and not have to worry about parking meaning less hassle. In addition, studies have shown that properties with a high WALKABILITY score generate higher rent returns and get higher and quicker resale prices.

The incredible facilities will attract tenants – PLUS some unique “hotel style” facilities are being introduced, many of which will be seen in Brisbane for the first time ever.

In addition there is a gym, pool and a roof top lounge! Everything is perfect for inner-city living!

-Trains/Taxis and Buses on your doorstep - you or your tenants will save petrol, parking fees and hassle by being able to step out your front door and jump straight on to the train or Bus, PLUS a brand new MTR station is planned, one of the few in Brisbane! Don’t miss this.

-The contemporary kitchen and bathroom styling is another attractive feature to tenants.

-Rents to rise - with the location and shortage of property coming up, we fully expect rents to continue to increase over the next two to five years, greatly increasing your rental yield and investment returns.